113 Best Quotes About Putting Yourself First (with Commentary)

In a world that often requires compromise and sacrifice, the idea of putting yourself first can sometimes be seen as contentious. However, quotes about putting yourself first shed light on the need for self-care and personal prioritization for general well-being.

These quotes serve as reminders that taking care of yourself is not an act of selfishness but a vital aspect of leading a balanced and healthy life.

They emphasize the significance of valuing your own needs, desires, and satisfaction, encouraging you to establish boundaries and invest in your own growth and fulfillment.

Top Quotes About Putting Yourself First

You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.– Alexander Elle

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.– Mandy Hale

Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.– Eleanor Brownn

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.– Unknown

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.Beyoncé

Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.– M. Scott Peck

The moment you put yourself on your own priority list is the moment you will start to see a world of difference in your life.– Demi Lovato

Be enough for yourself first. The rest of the world can wait.– FW de Klerk

Learning to love yourself is like learning to walk—essential, life-changing, and the only way to stand tall.– Vironika Tugaleva

Self-care is how you take your power back.– Lalah Delia

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Inspirational Quotes About Putting Yourself First

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.– Jean Shinoda Bolen

The best investment you can make is in yourself.– Warren Buffett

You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first.– Rupi Kaur

Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much there’s nothing else you can give and nobody will care for you.– Karl Lagerfeld

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.– Brené Brown

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish. It’s prioritizing your mental health.– Michelle Obama

The top priority you should always have is your own happiness.– Roy T. Bennett

Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everyone else.– Unknown

Taking care of yourself makes you stronger for everyone in your life… including you.– Kelly Rudolph

Prioritize yourself — your mental health, your happiness, your dreams.– Charlotte Eriksson

Quotes About Putting Yourself First for Mental Health

Prioritizing your mental health is the first step to self-love.– Audre Lorde

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.– Audre Lorde

Your mental health is a priority. Your happiness is an essential. Your self-care is a necessity.– Unknown

When you say ‘yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘no’ to yourself.– Paulo Coelho

Taking care of your mental and emotional health is the single most important step you can take to improve your life.– Gabor Maté

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.– Mandy Hale

Putting yourself first does not mean you don’t care about others. It means you’re smart enough to know you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.– Unknown

Your mental health is more important than your career, money, other people’s opinions, that event you said you would attend, your partner’s mood, and your family’s wishes.– Unknown

Sometimes self-care is exercising and eating right. Sometimes it’s spending time with loved ones or taking a nap. And sometimes it’s watching an entire season of TV in one weekend while lounging around in your pajamas. Whatever soothes your soul.– Nanea Hoffman

Don’t set yourself on fire trying to keep others warm.– Penny Reid

Quotes About Putting Yourself First in Relationships

The moment you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do.– Unknown

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.– Tablo

In relationships, the day you start sacrificing your own well-being for someone else, is the day you lose yourself.– Unknown

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary.– Karen A. Baquiran

Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it.– Anna Taylor

A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.– Unknown

If you’re constantly having to wonder where you stand with someone, maybe its time to stop standing and start walking.– Jane John-Nwankwo

Be with someone who makes you happy in a way that nobody else can.– R. M. Drake

You deserve someone who is utterly obsessed with you.– Ella December

If they don’t appreciate your presence, perhaps you should try giving them your absence.– Tene Edwards

Self-Love and Quotes About Putting Yourself First

Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity.– Katrina Mayer

Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.– Unknown

Self-love is the source from which all other love flows. Fill your own cup first.– Robin Sharma

Be yourself, love yourself, and shine amongst those who never believed you could.– Alex Elle

The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.– Jane Travis

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit.– Unknown

Self-love. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.– Jenn Proske

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.– Robert Morley

Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time.– Unknown

Being yourself is the prettiest thing a person can be.– Unknown

Quotes About Putting Yourself First at Work

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.– Stephen Covey

Make sure your work is a reflection of your own priorities, not someone else’s.– Unknown

You are the most valuable investment you will ever make.– Robin Sharma

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.– Dolly Parton

Your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.– Lady Gaga

If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving away your time and talents—start charging for it.– Kim Garst

Putting yourself first at work means knowing when to say no and when to push for what you need to succeed.– Unknown

No one will value you more than you value yourself – remember that when you’re at work.– Unknown

Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.– Betsy Jacobson

Ensure that your work is fulfilling, not just filling time.– Unknown

Motivational Quotes About Putting Yourself First

The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.– Unknown

When you put yourself first, you make yourself a priority in a world where everyone expects to be prioritized.– Solange Nicole

Sometimes you just need to be selfish to be self-sufficient.– Lois P. Frankel

Choose day by day to treat yourself with kindness, patience, fairness and forgiveness.– Kristin Neff

Do something nice for yourself today. Find some quiet, sit in stillness, breathe. Put your problems on pause. You deserve a break.– Akiroq Brost

Never feel selfish for putting yourself first in your own life.– Charlena Jackson

Your life is a result of the choices you make. If you don’t like your life, it is time to start making better choices.– Unknown

It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.– Mandy Hale

You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.– Anna Taylor

Always make decisions that prioritize your inner peace.– Izey Victoria Odiase

Quotes About Putting Yourself First for Romantic Love

In any relationship, when you can truly be yourself and you put yourself first, everything else flows naturally.– Jill Scott

You cannot find true love where it does not truly exist, nor can you hide it where it truly does.– Unknown

The best way to be loved, is to love yourself.– Adam Lambert

By putting your own needs first, you give yourself the space to engage in a healthier, more fulfilling love life.– Unknown

You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.– Jane Roberts

Putting yourself first is not a sign you don’t care about others; it’s a sign you’re smart enough to know that you can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first.– Unknown

If you’re looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.– Sam Keen

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.– Lao Tzu

True love is about growing as a couple, learning about each other, and never giving up on each other.– Unknown

Set the standard for how you want to be treated by ensuring you treat yourself with respect.– Unknown

Quotes About Putting Yourself First and Happiness

Happiness is a choice, and one of the best ways to choose happiness is by putting yourself first.– Unknown

When you prioritize your happiness, it’s not selfish; it’s essential.– Marianne Williamson

Choosing to put yourself first is not selfish; it’s an essential step in cultivating personal happiness.– Dr. Phil

Your happiness grows in direct proportion to your acceptance, and in inverse proportion to your expectations.– Michael J. Fox

True happiness comes when you can look at yourself and like what you see! – Unknown

Happiness is not a size or a shape. It’s a feeling. Prioritize it.– Amy Poehler

If you want to be happy, you have to love yourself, which means you have to discipline your behavior.– Natalie Cole

The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.– Joel Osteen

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place.– Unknown

When you start to put yourself first, you stop putting others before your happiness.– Unknown

Philosophical Quotes About Putting Yourself First

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do not compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.– Janis Joplin

Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others.– Parker Palmer

There is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one’s self, the very meaning of one’s soul.– Edith Wharton

If you do not respect your own wishes, no one else will. You will simply attract people who disrespect you as much as you do.– Vironika Tugaleva

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.– Mark Twain

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.– William Faulkner

He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.– Lao Tzu

We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.– Virginia Satir

The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.– Michel de Montaigne

Quotes About Putting Yourself First and Independence

The greatest gifts you can give yourself are freedom and independence. Putting yourself first is the first step.– Maya Angelou

Independence is happiness. When you put yourself first, you get a taste of true freedom.– Susan B. Anthony

Being independent means you’re in charge of your own happiness.– Oprah Winfrey

Put yourself first; because no one else has the same interest in your success as you do.– Damon Zahariades

Self-reliance is the secret of a powerful life. Start by putting your own oxygen mask on first.– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Independence comes from you knowing who you are and you being happy with that.– Demi Lovato

The moment you put yourself first is the moment you truly start to live.– John Maxwell

My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.– Warsan Shire

A person who is independent lives life on their own terms, not by the expectations of others.– Eleanor Roosevelt

Independence isn’t doing your own thing; it’s being strong enough to do what’s right for you, even if you’re standing alone.– Mandy Hale

Empowering Quotes About Putting Yourself First

Put yourself first, and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.– Lucille Ball

When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits.– Kim McMillen

Putting yourself first is not a sign of selfishness but a declaration of self-worth.– Michelle Obama

You have to be your own hero before you can be someone else’s.– Maya Angelou

The most empowering moment of your life is when you realize you have the right to focus on yourself.– Oprah Winfrey

Empower yourself with the realization that your time, energy, and life are in your control.– Tony Robbins

Choose you. Bet on yourself. You won’t regret it.– Shonda Rhimes

Empowering yourself starts with recognizing your right to put yourself first.– Cheryl Strayed

Stand up for who you are. Respect your Self and ignite the divine sparks in you.– Amit Ray

Every time you make a decision to respect yourself, to protect yourself, to value yourself, you’re putting yourself first in the most important way.– Doreen Virtue

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Final Thoughts

Quotes about putting yourself first are not simply catchy sayings; they are guiding tenets for living a life that honors personal values and needs.

These quotes inspires you to embrace self-care and self-respect as non-negotiable elements of your daily life. By prioritizing yourself, you not only improve your own life but also become better equipped to contribute thoroughly to the lives of others.

Embracing the insight of these quotes can lead to a more empowered, satisfying, and strong existence, proving that putting yourself first is a crucial step towards a fulfilling life.

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