113 Best I Think You Should Leave Quotes (with Commentary)

“I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson” is a sketch comedy series known for its ridiculous humor, bizarre scenarios, and memorable characters.

The show thrives on pushing social norms to the limit, often placing its characters in uncomfortable or excessive situations.

Quotes from this series have become legendary, resonating with audiences for their ability to summarizes the distress and hilarity of everyday encounters gone wrong. These quotes often underline the silliness of trying too hard to fit in or make a point.

Top I think you should leave quotes

“I’m not getting a lawyer to defend myself from a Chunky!”Tim Robinson

“It’s the casket flops open. The body is on the ground.”Ruben Rabasa

“He admitted that? Why? That’s such a weird thing to admit.”Conner O’Malley

“Has this ever happened to you?”Tim Robinson

“We have the meats!”Tim Robinson

“I’m going to become the Night Scrooge.”Sam Richardson

“It’s Turbo Time!”Tim Robinson

“You don’t even know what I’m capable of.”Patti Harrison

“I’m tired of people who don’t know how to act in public!”Tim Robinson

“I need to be able to slice it.”Tim Robinson

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I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Awkward Situations

“Why would you want to read about my worst moment?”Tim Robinson

“It’s a chunky that’s on the loose.”Conner O’Malley

“We’re all trying to find the guy who did this.”Tim Robinson

“Don’t make me into a murderer.”Tim Robinson

“That’s exactly the type of shirt a guy who doesn’t know how to wipe properly would wear!”Ruben Rabasa

“You said it was going to be easy peasy. It’s not easy peasy; it’s difficult difficult, lemon difficult!”Tim Robinson

“Are you punking my trunk right now?”Tim Robinson

“They have a new invention to save time. It’s called sleep faster.”Sam Richardson

“Everyone gets a slice of mud pie!”Patti Harrison

“I don’t want to be around anymore.”Tim Robinson

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Misunderstandings

“The receipt says you were here all night.”Tim Robinson

“You sure this isn’t your jacket? It seems like it fits you perfectly.”Patti Harrison

“I thought you said you like jazz, not ‘has pets’.”Sam Richardson

“So everyone else gets to just sing whatever they want?”Tim Robinson

“No, I said I work with lasers, not for lasers.”Conner O’Malley

“You’re telling me this isn’t the surprise party?”Ruben Rabasa

“He thought the diet seminar was a silent retreat!”Tim Robinson

“Isn’t that what you meant when you said ‘spice things up’?”Conner O’Malley

“So, it wasn’t an all-you-can-eat restaurant?”Tim Robinson

“I didn’t realize ‘bring your own beer’ meant ‘bring enough to share.'”Patti Harrison

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Social Faux Pas

“I guess it’s bad form to ask about the clown in the room.”Tim Robinson

“Wearing a tux to a business casual event wasn’t my brightest idea.”Conner O’Malley

“Why is everyone acting weird about me bringing my own meal to the wedding?”Ruben Rabasa

“You’re not supposed to tell people how you really feel at reunions, huh?”Sam Richardson

“I shouldn’t have started a food fight at a funeral, should I?”Tim Robinson

“Is it too late to say I didn’t mean to make a toast?”Patti Harrison

“So you’re telling me you don’t usually sing Happy Birthday to yourselves?”Tim Robinson

“Didn’t realize that commenting on someone’s eating habits was a no-go.”Ruben Rabasa

“Telling the boss his idea is stupid in the meeting wasn’t a good move?”Conner O’Malley

“I guess I shouldn’t have laughed during the moment of silence.”Sam Richardson

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Business Meetings

“Can we put this off until after I’ve had more coffee?”Tim Robinson

“So, just to clarify, no one else read the report?”Conner O’Malley

“I honestly thought you were joking about the quarterly profits.”Patti Harrison

“Are we all just going to ignore that suggestion?”Ruben Rabasa

“That’s one way to brainstorm, just shout until someone listens.”Sam Richardson

“Are you sure this is not a roast? Because it feels like I’m being roasted.”Tim Robinson

“Next time, can we not schedule a meeting during lunch?”Patti Harrison

“He actually fell asleep during his own presentation.”Conner O’Malley

“I guess ‘thinking outside the box’ isn’t welcomed here.”Tim Robinson

“Nobody uses synergy in real conversations, do they?”Ruben Rabasa

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Parties

“Why does every party end with hiding from the police?”Tim Robinson

“I didn’t know costumes were mandatory.”Conner O’Malley

“So, nobody else brought a plus one to the ‘singles party’?”Patti Harrison

“I was told there would be a dog at this party.”Sam Richardson

“It’s not a good party unless something breaks, right?”Ruben Rabasa

“No one told me it was a surprise party. I spoiled it.”Tim Robinson

“Who brings a guitar to a party and doesn’t expect to be asked to play?”Conner O’Malley

“Apparently, ‘potluck’ doesn’t mean ‘bring whatever’s in your fridge.'”Patti Harrison

“A silent party is just listening to music alone together, isn’t it?”Sam Richardson

“I was the only one not wearing black at the goth party.”Ruben Rabasa

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Dating

“So, you bring all your dates to a magic show?”Tim Robinson

“I thought you said you were ‘wildly fun,’ not ‘wildlife fun.’ I didn’t expect the bird sanctuary.”Patti Harrison

“Wait, are you ghosting me in real time?”Conner O’Malley

“You make a surprisingly strong case for why we should have dinner at a toy store.”Ruben Rabasa

“Is this part of the date or are we really stuck in this elevator?”Sam Richardson

“I didn’t know ‘meet the parents’ was a first-date activity.”Tim Robinson

“You said you liked long walks, but this is a hike.”Conner O’Malley

“Was your ex supposed to be part of this date too?”Patti Harrison

“So, you seriously collect doll parts? That’s… unique.”Ruben Rabasa

“I thought you were metaphorically speaking when you said you lived at the office.”Tim Robinson

Humorous I Think You Should Leave Quotes

“I don’t think the phrase ‘no harm, no foul’ applies to arson.”Conner O’Malley

“So the job interview was actually for a pyramid scheme. At least there were snacks.”Tim Robinson

“Who knew that saying ‘nice to meet you’ to someone I’ve met before could cause such a scene?”Patti Harrison

“I was promised jet skis. These are just aggressive swans.”Ruben Rabasa

“Turns out ‘open mic night’ is not for airing personal grievances.”Sam Richardson

“I thought the invitation said ‘costume party.’ It was a ‘cocktail party.’ I was the only pirate.”Tim Robinson

“How was I supposed to know ‘all you can eat’ had a limit?”Conner O’Malley

“Yes, I tried to pay with monopoly money; I thought we were keeping it casual.”Patti Harrison

“I only brought up flat earth theories to make conversation, not to start a debate.”Ruben Rabasa

“When they said ‘dress to impress,’ I didn’t think they meant superhero costumes.”Sam Richardson

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Office Culture

“Why is there always a meeting about another meeting?”Tim Robinson

“The break room snacks are free, but at what cost?”Conner O’Malley

“So, the office dress code doesn’t include capes, apparently.”Patti Harrison

“If one more person says ‘synergy’, I’m quitting.”Ruben Rabasa

“The printer is jammed again. It’s almost like it’s part of the team.”Sam Richardson

“Whoever stole my lunch must be really enjoying that homemade lasagna.”Tim Robinson

“Annual reviews? More like annual roasts.”Conner O’Malley

“I thought Casual Friday meant pajamas. My bad.”Patti Harrison

“Just because you work in a cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t decorate like it’s a mansion.”Ruben Rabasa

“Every day is ‘bring your stress to work’ day.”Sam Richardson

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Friendship

“You know you’re best friends when you start arguing over dumb things.”Tim Robinson

“Friends don’t let friends do karaoke alone.”Conner O’Malley

“We’ve been friends so long, we have our own language.”Patti Harrison

“Remember when we said we’d never be ‘those’ friends? Look at us now.”Ruben Rabasa

“Friendship is surviving a road trip together without ending up on a true crime podcast.”Sam Richardson

“The best friends are the ones who are there for you, even when you make terrible life choices.”Tim Robinson

“So, we’re going to keep pretending that didn’t happen?”Conner O’Malley

“True friendship is not having to share your dessert.”Patti Harrison

“Only a true friend would tell you when your idea is absolutely terrible.”Ruben Rabasa

“We’re the kind of friends who don’t need WiFi to have a good time.”Sam Richardson

I Think You Should Leave Quotes on Overreactions

“So you’re telling me you burned down the house because the Wi-Fi was slow?”Tim Robinson

“He ate the last donut, so obviously I had to quit my job.”Conner O’Malley

“You sneezed without covering? I guess I’ll need to move to a new city now.”Patti Harrison

“I only said ‘hello’ and she started crying. What was that about?”Ruben Rabasa

“He unfollowed me, so naturally, I blocked him on every social platform.”Sam Richardson

“So you’re saying the apocalypse is not an appropriate response to spilling coffee?”Tim Robinson

“She took two samples at the store… it’s like she’s trying to start World War III.”Conner O’Malley

“I accidentally liked their old Instagram photo. Guess I have to delete my account now.”Patti Harrison

“You told me my favorite show was just ‘okay’? Friendship over.”Ruben Rabasa

“He stepped on my shoe, so I had no choice but to sell it on eBay.”Sam Richardson

Sarcastic I Think You Should Leave Quotes

“Oh, you’re sick? Should I call the ambulance or the morgue?”Tim Robinson

“Yeah, because that’s exactly what I meant when I said I like surprises.”Conner O’Malley

“I love spending my weekends working overtime, said no one ever.”Patti Harrison

“Sure, take my parking spot. I needed the extra three-mile walk today.”Ruben Rabasa

“Oh, you forgot my birthday? I guess every day is just like any other day.”Sam Richardson

“Great job on that presentation. I’ve never been closer to falling asleep with my eyes open.”Tim Robinson

“Your email went to my spam folder. Just where all your ideas belong.”Conner O’Malley

“Thanks for the invite. I always wanted to spend my evening in absolute boredom.”Patti Harrison

“Oh, you cooked? I was wondering why the smoke alarm was cheering.”Ruben Rabasa

“You’re volunteering us for more work? Wow, how generous of you.”Sam Richardson

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Final Thoughts

The quotes from “I Think You Should Leave” serve as not just funny phrases; they serve as a mirror to the most laughable facets of human behavior, showcasing how far people will go to avoid embarrassment or admit their errors.

Tim Robinson’s distinctive brand of humor, depicted by its sharp turns into the surreal, leaves an enduring impression that continues to entertain and provoke thoughts even after the episodes come to an end.

These quotes remind you of the importance of humor in navigating the awkward, often ridiculous moments of life.

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