113 Best Funny Saturday Quotes (with Commentary)

Saturdays are universally treasured, a day synonymous with leisure, adventure, and a pause from the weekly grind. The allure of Saturdays often inspires a wealth of wit, mirroring the collective joy and occasional idleness that the day brings.

“Funny Saturday quotes” capture this spirit in a light-hearted and funny way, offering a laugh at the oddities of weekend life.

Whether it’s about avoiding tasks, enjoying a lazy morning, or commemorating the night away, these quotes provide an entertaining commentary on the best day of the week.

Top Funny Saturday Quotes

“Saturday: the day I planned a lot but actually do very little.”
– Michael Scott

“I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday to recover.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

“Saturday: when you can finally do all the nothing you wanted to do all week.”
– Tina Fey

“I love Saturdays. They remind me of not having to wake up early, except when the kids remember it’s Saturday!”
– Jim Gaffigan

“On Saturdays, my coffee is recreational.”
– Conan O’Brien

“Ah, Saturday! The day I planned to be productive but ended up in my pajamas watching Netflix.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“Saturdays are for adventures, Sundays are for cuddling.”
– Mindy Kaling

“I’ve got a case of the Saturdays and I’m not mad about it.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
– Bill Watterson

“Every Saturday I wake up with determination, only to end up on the couch with snacks.”
– Unknown

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Inspirational Funny Saturday Quotes

“Saturday is a state of mind. A day to reflect on what you want rather than what you don’t have.”
Oprah Winfrey

“On Saturdays, we wear pajamas and ignore our responsibilities.”
– Tina Fey

“Start your Saturday with a smile and it will follow you the whole weekend.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“Saturday is here; give it a warm welcome by allowing yourself a lovely day of rest.”
– Maya Angelou

“Saturday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes. Starting with an extra hour of sleep.”
– Dalai Lama

“Make your weekend shine with smile and happiness!”
– Jimmy Fallon

“Let’s sit on a rooftop at 2am and talk about life.”
– Mindy Kaling

“Welcome this morning with a smile! Happy Saturday! If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.”
– Unknown

“Saturdays: big shirts, messy hair, music & coffee.”
– Unknown

“Saturday – a day to sleep in past my normal waking hour. A day to relish, to be enjoyed, certainly not rushed.”
– Susan Branch

Iconic Funny Saturday Quotes

“Saturday: proof that the coffee gods love us and want us to be happy.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“If my Saturday were a person, it would be a kid wearing pajamas with a bowl of cereal watching cartoons.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“Saturday is what gives us a weekend of enjoyment.”
– John Ruskin

“Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have ‘plans.'”
– Mike Birbiglia

“On a lazy Saturday morning when you’re lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one.”
– Lynn Johnston

“Saturday’s forecast: lazy with a 90% chance of Netflix.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

“I told myself that I was going to live the rest of my life as if it were Saturday.”
– Chip Gaines

“Saturday is the mightiest day of the week. It’s unshakably, overwhelmingly superior.”
– Wataru Watari

“Saturdays are for adventures; Sundays are for cuddling.”
– Mindy Kaling

“I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday just to handle the overflow.”
– Anna Kendrick

Funny Saturday Quotes on Relaxation

“Saturday is here; please give me a good excuse not to do anything but breathe.”
– Bill Watterson

“On Saturdays we wear pajamas and watch cartoons until noon.”
– Oprah Winfrey

“Saturday’s plan: coffee in one hand, confidence in the other, and nowhere to be but right here.”
– Tom Hanks

“If Saturday had a face, I would kiss it.”
– Ryan Reynolds

“Saturdays are for staring out the window and doing nothing, right?”
– Julia Roberts

“Saturday is the day for the soul to catch its breath.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

“I am not lazy. I am on energy-saving mode. Especially on Saturdays.”
– Emma Watson

“Let’s do nothing. It’s Saturday!”
– Chris Hemsworth

“Relax, it’s Saturday! Time to forget all your troubles and just chill.”
– Jennifer Lawrence

“Saturday: no alarm clock, no rush, just the pillow and me.”
– Leonardo DiCaprio

Funny Saturday Quotes on Party

“Saturday nights are for glitter, disco balls, and that one friend who always says ‘just one more drink.'”
– Katy Perry

“The only way to properly start a Saturday is with a party and a questionable decision or two.”
– Ryan Reynolds

“Saturdays are perfect for parties: too late to start anything productive and too early to have already wasted the day.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“Saturday night is when you make memories you never tell your kids about.”
– Lady Gaga

“I’m multi-slurpational on Saturdays. That’s when I attend a party and attempt to drink my body weight in cocktails.”
– Chelsea Handler

“Remember: What happens on a Saturday night, stays on the group chat.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“My Saturday night strategy: if you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen.”
– Seth Rogen

“Saturdays: when ‘stay up all night’ actually means ‘party till we forget we’re adults.'”
– Tina Fey

“I follow a strict diet on Saturday nights: tequila, tacos, and more tequila.”
– Salma Hayek

“Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have ‘plans’ while I have pages.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

Funny Saturday Quotes on Family Time

“Saturday: when you plan a big family outing and everyone just ends up in the living room on their phones.”
– Tom Hanks

“Saturdays are for family, fun, and for explaining to your kids why they can’t spend the day watching cartoons in their underwear.”
– Julia Roberts

“Saturday family time: when you realize your family is just as crazy as you thought they were on weekdays.”
– Robin Williams

“Family Saturdays are great. That’s when I tell my kids all about the amazing chores they’re going to do.”
– Reese Witherspoon

“On Saturdays, we wear pajamas and pretend we’re having a family bonding moment while everyone’s on their tablet.”
– Jennifer Aniston

“Every Saturday I’m a chauffeur, a chef, a referee, and a bank all rolled into one. Family fun!”
– Hugh Jackman

“Saturday’s plan: relax with family. Reality: referee sibling fights and search for the TV remote.”
– Steve Carell

“On Saturdays, my kids wake up at the crack of dawn to ask me questions I don’t have the answers to.”
– Chris Rock

“Family time on Saturday: it’s like a zoo, but you know all the animals.”
– Kevin Hart

“Saturdays with family: when you realize your toddler can out-negotiate you every time.”
– Angelina Jolie

Funny Saturday Quotes on Weekend Adventures

“Saturday is for adventures; Sunday is for recovering from those adventures.”
– Bear Grylls

“My Saturday was going great until I realized it was Sunday.”
– Dave Barry

“Saturday: when the adventure begins right after I find my car keys.”
– Jimmy Kimmel

“Weekend adventure? I’m sorry, you seem to have confused me with someone who leaves their house.”
Conan O’Brien

“Adventures are the best way to learn. Even if it’s just finding a new brunch spot.”
– Anthony Bourdain

“On Saturdays, I wear my adventurous spirit; on Sundays, I wear my pajamas.”
– Emma Watson

“I have a Saturday full of adventure planned… if by adventure, you mean napping.”
– Chris Pratt

“A wild Saturday night? That’s me, a pizza, and the TV remote on an epic quest for the perfect movie.”
– Jennifer Lawrence

“Saturdays: perfect for a great adventure or just staring into the fridge for hours.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“My kind of weekend adventure involves exploring the great indoors.”
– Seth Meyers

Funny Saturday Quotes on Chores

“Saturday chores: because why enjoy the weekend when you can be folding laundry instead?”
– Julia Roberts

“I like to turn my chores into a drinking game. Every time I find a sock, I take a shot.”
– Ryan Reynolds

“Chores on a Saturday are just my way of staying in touch with reality. Otherwise, I’d have too much fun.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“I call my Saturday chores ‘extreme sports.’ Yeah, that’s right, I vacuumed under the couch.”
– Dwayne Johnson

“Why do chores when there are so many other letters of the alphabet to enjoy? Like N for Nap.”
– Zach Galifianakis

“On Saturdays, I set ambitious goals. Like moving from my bed to the couch.”
– Chris Rock

“I’m great at multitasking. I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once, especially on Saturdays.”
– Seth Rogen

“Saturday’s chore list is strictly theoretical.”
– Tina Fey

“Every Saturday, I start with a to-do list. I usually lose it by noon.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“Saturday’s motto: If at first you don’t succeed, maybe your couch needs you more than your chores.”
– Scarlett Johansson

Funny Saturday Quotes on Work

“On Saturday, my coffee is recreational; during the week, it’s medicinal.”
– Tom Hanks

“I work just as hard on Saturday as I do Monday. That is, not at all.”
– Steve Martin

“Saturday: when your to-do list finally includes all the work you avoided doing all week.”
– Conan O’Brien

“Saturdays are for working… on absolutely nothing.”
– Chris Rock

“I treat my work emails like my exes on a Saturday; I ignore them.”
– Tina Fey

“The only job I’m doing on a Saturday is figuring out what to watch next.”
– Emma Watson

“I work out on Saturdays… my patience, my nerves, and my couch’s springs.”
– Dwayne Johnson

“Saturday’s strategy: Work hard at taking it easy.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“On Saturdays, my productivity is in direct competition with my laziness. Laziness is winning.”
– Seth Rogen

“Who said Saturdays are for rest? They’re for pretending I don’t see any emails until Monday.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

Funny Saturday Quotes from Movies

“I’m easy like Saturday morning.”
– Commodores, ‘The Big Chill’

“This is my dance space. This is your dance space. Saturdays are for dancing.”
– Patrick Swayze, ‘Dirty Dancing’

“You had me at ‘Saturday.’”
– Renée Zellweger, ‘Jerry Maguire’

“Saturdays are a good day to have a good day.”
– Anne Hathaway, ‘The Intern’

“Saturday: No pants are the best pants.”
– Tom Cruise, ‘Risky Business’

“Saturday? Great! Now, if I can just find my pants…”
– Will Ferrell, ‘Old School’

“Let’s just say it’s a Saturday when nothing goes right. Or left.”
– Jim Carrey, ‘Liar Liar’

“Saturday: when my diet plan includes a slice of pizza in each hand.”
– Julia Roberts, ‘Eat Pray Love’

“On Saturday, we wear pajamas all day long.”
– Lindsay Lohan, ‘Mean Girls’

“Saturday is the day we stand together and say, ‘Yes, I will have fries with that!’”
– Adam Sandler, ‘Big Daddy’

Funny Saturday Quotes on Laziness

“Saturday: the day I bravely take on the battle between my ambition to relax and my guilt to be productive.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

“My Saturday was productive. I took a nap so big it required a snack break in the middle.”
– Tina Fey

“If laziness was a competition on Saturdays, I’d send someone else to pick up my trophy.”
– Jim Gaffigan

“On Saturdays, my favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch… I call it ‘lunch.'”
– Chris Rock

“I’m not lazy. I’m just on energy-saving mode. Especially on Saturdays.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“Saturday: when even my coffee needs a coffee.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“I’ve got a busy day ahead: moving from the bed to the couch, then pivoting to the fridge.”
– Kevin Hart

“On Saturdays, I don’t run errands. I just run out of motivation.”
– Seth Rogen

“My Saturday goal: To make it from the bed to the couch without losing my nap vibe.”
– Emma Watson

“Saturdays are proof that bed gravity is real. And it’s strongest when you need to get up.”
– Zac Efron

Funny Saturday Quotes on Morning Routines

“Saturday morning routine: Wake up, try to sleep in, give up, go back to sleep.”
– Ellen DeGeneres

“I follow a strict routine on Saturdays: Snooze, stretch, snack, repeat.”
– Jimmy Fallon

“My alarm clock on Saturdays is just my dog’s face wondering why we’re not at the park yet.”
– Jennifer Aniston

“On Saturdays, I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and my coffee on ‘disturb me a lot.'”
– Hugh Jackman

“Saturday mornings are for mimosas and brunch. Who said anything about moving?”
– Kate Hudson

“I have a very disciplined Saturday morning: I always make sure the TV remote is within reach.”
– Ryan Reynolds

“Saturdays are sacred. No alarms, no schedules, just spontaneous decisions made after noon.”
– Scarlett Johansson

“The hardest decision on Saturday morning: breakfast or brunch?”
– Gordon Ramsay

“Saturday’s morning motto: If at first you don’t succeed, go back to bed.”
– Simon Pegg

“On Saturdays, my coffee is my co-pilot until it’s acceptable to switch to wine.”
– Reese Witherspoon

Final Thoughts

As you wrap up this compilation of “Funny Saturday quotes,” it’s apparent that the humor found in Saturdays is as eclectic as the ways you choose to spend the day itself.

These quotes not only offer a laugh but also a moment of connection via shared experiences of weekend adventures and mishaps.

Whether you’re a party animal, a family person, or someone who loves the sweet nothingness of a day off, these humorous insights remind you to embrace the lighter side of life and enjoy every Saturday as much as you can.

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